Show your mates in the office what you get up to on the weekend with one of these spiffing desktop pix.

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  Or maybe "your child" has a teddy, and you'd like to funk it up with a limited edition Forest of Dean Paintball T-Shirt?

Click here to find out how...

In the meantime, why not play a quick game of Stress Relief paintball?...paintball for the office! [COURTESY OF MINICLIP.COM]  

  How about impressing your mates with a Forest of Dean Paintball tattoo?
Simply click here to open a large version of that there pic on the left, and print it out.
Then, (here's the clever/dangerous bit), cut it out and stick it onto your arm/buttock.

Hey presto!*

*(We do not recommend the use of iron on-inkjet paper...)


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  More to come :-) Any suggestions?